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The butler : a novel
Better off dead
Fear no evil
The dark hours
Dear Santa : a novel
The jealousy man and other stories
The judge
A woman of intelligence
All the little hopes
While we were dating
The husbands
A cowboy Christmas legend
The secret keeper of Jaipur
Rock paper scissors
Best in snow
Game on : tempting twenty-eight
The Walnut Creek wish
The last thing he told me
Forever my own
The last chance library
The heart of Splendid Lake
The Christmas promise
Claws for alarm
The wish book Christmas
Palace of the drowned
The last protector
A warrior
Heard it in a love song
The forbidden
Down the hatch
Enemy at the gates
Murder at an Irish Christmas
Silent shadows
Over my dead body
The Twelve Jays of Christmas
Labyrinth of lies
The book of magic
The grandmother plot
The Jack of justice
The stranger in the lifeboat : a novel
Go West, young man
The diva serves forbidden fruit
Wedding bear blues
The Crimson Trail
The Sunday Potluck Club
Gore in the garden