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Hooked on a feline
Whole latte murder
The good left undone
Countdown to midnight : a novel
The border captains
The Hollywood spy
Prairie fire
How to find your way home
A view most glorious
A vineyard crossing
30 things I love about myself
This time tomorrow
Take your breath away
After I do : a novel
The spark of love
The element of love
22 seconds
The sagebrush trail
Death gone a-rye
A reason for hope
Overboard : a V. I. Warshawski novel
What the cat dragged in
November 9
Murder in an English glade
Rio Bonito
No words : a novel
Green River rendezvous
Murder at Keyhaven Castle
The widow wore plaid
A woman of words
Last Duke standing
You can run
The wedding veil
Phantom game
The Valet
A promise of forgiveness
A season of change : an Amish Inn Novel
Diamond and the eye
The candy house
Honor : a novel
Give unto others
Four treasures of the sky
The younger wife
Crimson Summer
Trust me