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New Books
Supper club : a novel
Atmosphæra incognita
The ditch : a novel
Salvation day
Say say say : a novel
A snapshot of murder
In the shadow of Spindrift House
Too close : a novel
The affair of the mysterious letter
Accidental husband
The ascent to godhood
The friend zone
The Russian
The Chelsea girls : a novel
Someone we know
Game of snipers
Chances are...
The man who hated Hickok
Naughty stranger
Terns of endearment
Cold woods
The loyal one
Murder at Crossways
Finding Mrs. Ford
A pure heart
Ellie and the harpmaker
The whisperer
The wolf wants in : a novel
Dark Age
The Dragon Republic
First cosmic velocity
Raised in captivity : fictional nonfiction
I spy
The helpline : a novel
Side chick nation
The express bride
All the water in the world : a novel
Storm rising
Forever the pack
Breathe in, cash out : a novel
This side of night
Stay and fight
The women of the copper country : a novel
A secret history of witche
Play with fire