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A dash of dragon
I, Cosmo
I can make this promise
Great minds think alike
Indian no more
Naked mole rat saves the world
Secret of the time tablets
The jumbie god
The Dragon Warrior
Bouncing back
Leaving Lymon
A pinch of phoenix
The burning queen
From the desk of Zoe Washington
Pixie pushes on
SkyClan & the stranger
Out loud
Silent but deadly
A good old-fashioned wedgie
Game on!
Here goes nothing
When the past is a present
What makes you happy
Fallen empires
Anya and the dragon
Dog driven
The perfect star
Clotho the Fate
The 1,000 year old boy
The midwinter witch
The best at it
The hidden witch
Bird & Squirrel all tangled up
Night of dangers
The hall of fame heist
The Adventurers Guild
A Nancy Drew Christmas
The last musketeer
Henry Heckelbeck gets a dragon
Henry Heckelbeck never cheats
Clean getaway
Double cross
Twilight of the elves