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New Books
In the quick : a novel
Klara and the sun
Lightning game
The kaiser
An extravagant death
Wedding station
The shepherds
Calder Brand
A desolation called peace
An unexpected peril
A fatal lie
Life after death : a novel
Worse angels
The lost apothecary
The postscript murders
[Not] the boss of me
The Paris dressmaker
Skeleton key
The slaughterman
We run the tides : a novel
Those who are saved
Crimson phoenix
The smash-up : a novel
Quiet in her bones
Blink of an eye
Faithless in death
While Paris slept
The unfinished land
The haunted cathedral
Brightly woven : the graphic novel
Courtney : friendship superhero
We found a monster
Super Peppa!
Big new friend
When Cloud became a cloud
Mr. Complain takes the train
A house for every bird
I see you see
Does Earth feel?
The owl who asks why
Rectangle time
In my life
Built together
How to catch a clover thief