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New Books
Saved by darkness
Her mother
Dragon Road
The brass god
Bound for Eden
Until there was us
A million drops
My Oxford year : a novel
Stream system : the collected short fiction
Nothing forgotten : a novel
Time is a killer
The luck of the bride
The only thing
A duke like no other
I am Justice
The laird takes a bride
Beach House reunion
Shelter in place
The cast : a novel
The sugarhouse blues
An argumentation of historians
Misadventures with the boss
The wolf
The optimist
The devil
A baby
The good byline
Before I let you in
From a Buick 8 : a novel
Room on the porch swing
Together forever
A most noble heir
The social affair
The devil
The hunting grounds
The girl in the ice
No one ever asked : a novel
Honeysuckle dreams
Hot asset
All those explosions were someone else
The greatest risk
Iron princess
Owl and the tiger thieves
Blind betrayal
The life she left behind
The lamb will slaughter the lion
Weeping waters