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New Books
100 bullets : Book three
100 bullets : Book one
Exhibit Alexandra : a novel
The sparsholt affair
Paris metro : a novel
Speak no evil : a novel
The innocent wife : a novel
Harbor of spies : a novel of historic Havana
His risk
After the shot drops
What she does next will astound you
If I die tonight : a novel
Tyler Johnson was here
Caribbean rim
The falling between us
Losing Leah
Miles away from you
In sight of stars
A sister
Deja moo
The wraiths of war
Midnight blue
The reluctant fortune-teller
She asked for it
The last watchman of Old Cairo : a novel
The missing hours
Impostor syndrome
Searcher of the dead
Laura & Emma : a novel
Lethal in old lace
The other side of the bridge : a novel
Falling under
Misadventures of a college girl
Follow me back
Looking glass
Tomb song : a novel
The wrong sister
Fallen five
Stanley will probably be fine
Bones don
The case study of Vanitas : Volume 2
The case study of Vanitas : Volume 3